Masque Thing cabinet features stretchy doors and “sumptuous” legs

Lynne M. Centeno

Rubbery doors outfit this cabinet designed by architecture studio Allthatissolid so that they stretch and form breast-like shapes when pulled open.

Masque Thing by Max Kuo

The unit, called Masque Thing, is a rectangular storage piece with 12 doors and a row of drawers on top.

The doors are covered in a grey silicone, which Allthatissolid developed with Brooklyn art fabricator Youngbuk to resemble terrazzo. The stretchy material makes the brass handles pull further apart from the door when they are tugged.

Masque Thing by Max Kuo

“The silicone terrazzo skin was developed to mimic a rigid stone surface with a devious and unexpected pliancy,” said architect Max Kuo, who founded Allthatissolid in 2008 with Alex Chu and Danielle Wagner. The studio has offices in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.

Masque Thing by Max Kuo

The top, sides, and drawers of Masque Thing are clad in a stone terrazzo. The tone matches the hue of the “skin” so the contrasting materials are hardly noticeable until

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