“I am wondering what our role is” in Covid-19 crisis says Beatrice Galilee

Lynne M. Centeno

Curator Beatrice Galilee of The World Around has curated a celebration of Earth Day for VDF, which will be streamed later today. In this video message, she questions the role of the creative industries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Galilee is a co-founder and curator of The World Around, an architecture and design conference, which had its first edition in January 2020 in New York.

Galilee has curated a series of interviews with architects and visionaries working on environmental issues around the world in a symposium for Earth Day, which will be broadcast live on Dezeen from 1:00pm today as part of a collaboration between Virtual Design Festival and The World Around.

“Like everybody working in the creative industries now, I’m wondering what to say and what our role is and what we can learn from these extremely complicated times that we’re all sharing together,” Galilee said in the video.

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