76% of Homeowners Made Home Improvements During Pandemic

Lynne M. Centeno

With many consumers spending more time indoors because of the pandemic, some homeowners have used at least a portion of that time to make improvements on their homes.

Porch, a company that connects homeowners and home improvement professionals, surveyed homeowners to gauge whether the coronavirus outbreak has stopped them from moving forward with their home improvement plans. The survey found that not only were most homeowners not deterred by the pandemic, but many have taken action because of it.

A renewed focus on home amid the pandemic

Some earlier studies have suggested that consumers may be putting off plans to buy a new house because of the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. For current homeowners, though, renovating their homes may be an appealing alternative.

The vast majority of respondents to the Porch survey — 76% — said they have made at least one home improvement since the pandemic started.

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Reagan gave my father path to citizenship. Immigrants fighting pandemic deserve the same.

Lynne M. Centeno

The coronavirus didn’t kill my father, but it kept me from saying goodbye. Perfecto Santana died of organ failure among strangers at Woodhull Hospital in the early morning on April 10. Social distancing rules kept my family from his bedside when he passed.

But COVID-19 won’t keep me from telling you about who he was, and what he meant not only to my family, but to this country — especially now that President Trump has issued a temporary ban on green cards for most immigrants as part of the government’s coronavirus prevention plan.

His mother named him Perfecto.  His siblings called him Perfo. His friends back home called him Professor. My mom called him More and I simply called him Papi. I know I’m a bit biased, but my father was a great American, and in these fractured United States, during this terrifying global emergency, you all need to know

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