Shinto temple gates are “symbolic entrances into a new world”

Lynne M. Centeno

Architecture video blogger Martin van der Linden explains the different types of torii gates found at Japanese Shinto temples, in his latest contribution to Virtual Design Festival.

The Shinto religion is practised throughout Japan in temples that feature several gated entrances called torii.

“Gates can be found throughout the world, not just in Japan,” van der Linden says. “A gate is a symbolic entrance into a new world, moving from the realm of the everyday, mundane life into another higher realm.”

Shinmei torii

While there are over 60 types of torii gates, they are usually built in either the Shinmei or Myojin style, van der Linden explains in the video.

The Shinmei torii has a simple form built from two pillars, which are topped by a horizontal lintel, called a kasagi. The whole structure is kept together by a central tie-beam called a nuki and can be made from a

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VDF collaborates with The World Around to host symposium for Earth Day

Lynne M. Centeno

To mark Earth Day, VDF collaborated with The World Around to host a series of talks, interviews, short films and essays exploring ideas that could “shape the future of our relationship with the planet”.

Today’s programme features designers Nelly Ben Hayoun and Thomas Thwaites and architects Kunlé Adeyemi, Cameron Sinclair and London studio Cooking Sections, whose Climavore installation is pictured above, plus curator Aric Chen and more. See the schedule below for timings.

Curated by Beatrice Galilee of The World Around in partnership with Facebook’s Artist in Residence programme, the Earth Day 2020 symposium will feature over twenty leading figures working on environmental issues around the world.

The World Around curator Beatrice Galilee
Beatrice Galilee curated The World Around Earth Day 2020 symposium

It takes place on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day on 22 April 1970, which saw 20 million people in the USA demonstrate against the damage human activity causes the natural

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Live video interview with The World Around curator Beatrice Galilee

Lynne M. Centeno

In this live interview, Beatrice Galilee speaks to Dezeen about the online symposium she has curated as part of Virtual Design Festival’s partnership with The World Around for Earth Day.

From 2:00pm (UK time) today, Virtual Design Festival will host a series of online talks, interviews, short films and essays exploring ideas that could “shape the future of our relationship with the planet”, according to Galilee.

In this live interview to introduce the symposium, Galilee speaks to Dezeen’s editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the programme, which she curated in partnership with Facebook’s Artist in Residence programme, and how curators and events organisers are adapting to the current lockdown across much of the world.

The programme, which Dezeen announced this morning, will explore “ways to ethically reconnect with our food, designing, building and living with human and non-human animals, radical new forms of pedagogy, biodegradable accessories, and the extreme new

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Aric Chen and Thomas Thwaites feature in The World Around symposium

Lynne M. Centeno

Curator Aric Chen and designer Thomas Thwaites discuss their work in the second part of our Virtual Design Festival collaboration with The World Around, which also features short films by Kalyanee Mam and Apichatpong Weerasthakul.

The World Around’s Earth Day 2020 symposium, which we are broadcasting today as part of Virtual Design Festival, features talks, presentations, films and essays by over twenty visionaries at the forefront of ecological design.

The second session starts with a conversation between Malika Leiper and filmmaker Mam, who will screen her short film Lost World. Set in Cambodia, it tells the story of land being sold and exported from under her feet.

Still from Lost World film by Kalyanee Mam
Kalyanee Mam screens her short film Lost World

This is followed by a conversation between Mariana Pestana, curator of the 2020 Istanbul Design Biennial, and Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti of Rotterdam-based Studio Ossidiana, who will discuss their work

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